“The Incredible Journey of a Rescued Cat with an Unbelievable Story of Survival and Resilience”

Carly became the caretaker of an injured kitten when her family member found it after a snow storm in November 2016. The kitten, who was only a week old, was blind in one eye due to a stick impaling it during the storm. Despite this injury, Carly nursed the kitten, whom she named Little Guy, back to health by bottle feeding him milk replacer every few hours. Carly developed a special bond with Little Guy and eventually adopted him. Little Guy thrived under Carly’s care and grew from a tiny kitten into a healthy adult cat. However, when he was around three years old, his injured eye began to swell and had to be removed due to complications. Fortunately, Little Guy adapted quickly to life as a one-eyed cat and did not experience any changes in his balance or playfulness. Carly continues to monitor Little Guy’s remaining eye to ensure that he retains his vision and is working to help him lose weight gained from taking steroids for asthma. Despite his difficult start in life, Little Guy now has a safe, warm, and happy forever home with Carly and her family. Carly considers Little Guy a blessing and is grateful to have him as part of her family.

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