Cute and pitiful moments: Today is my birthday I’m 7 and no one has wished for me yet

Cute and Heart-Warming Moments: Today is my Birthday, I’m 7 and No One Has Wished Me in English

Today is my birthday and I turn 7 years old. It’s a special day for me, but none of my friends or family members have wished me in English yet. As a child, I always find it fascinating to hear people speak in different languages, and English is one of my favorites.

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Despite this, there have been many cute and heart-warming moments that have made my birthday special. My mom woke me up with a big hug and a kiss on my forehead, and I could feel the love and warmth in her embrace. My dad surprised me with a small gift and told me how proud he was of me for growing up to be a smart and kind child.

Happy birthday to our sweet Benny!!

As I got ready for school, my little sister came to my room with a handmade card that she had spent hours making. It was filled with colorful stickers and drawings, and the words “Happy Birthday” were written in big, bold letters. I could see the excitement and joy in her eyes as she handed me the card, and it made my heart melt.

At school, my teacher had arranged a small celebration for me. She brought cupcakes for the class, and we all sang “Happy Birthday” together. Even though my classmates didn’t know how to wish me in English, I could see the happiness on their faces, and it made me feel loved and appreciated.

As I reflect on my birthday, I realize that it’s not about the language people use to wish me, but the love and affection that they show me. I am grateful for all the cute and heart-warming moments that have made my day special, and I look forward to many more birthdays filled with love and happiness.

In the afternoon, my parents took me to my favorite restaurant. We had a delicious meal together, and they sang “Happy Birthday” to me in Vietnamese, my native language. Even though my parents don’t speak English fluently, their love and care for me transcends any language barrier.

After dinner, we went to the park where I played with my friends. Although they didn’t know how to wish me in English, they still made my day special with their company and laughter. We played games, sang songs, and had a lot of fun together.

As the day came to an end, I felt overwhelmed with gratitude for all the people in my life who love and care for me. I realized that language is just a way of communication, and what really matters is the love and affection that we show each other.

It's my first birthday and I can't believe how much I’ve grown!

Despite not receiving any wishes in English, I had an amazing birthday filled with cute and heart-warming moments. I am grateful for all the love that I have in my life, and I look forward to many more birthdays filled with joy and happiness.

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