“Meet Greta: The Inspirational Kitten with a Metal Attitude and a Unique Paw”

According to rescuers in Maggie Valley, NC, Greta the kitten is quite possibly the most resilient feline they have ever encountered. Initially a small and feisty feral kitten, Greta was captured during a TNR rescue mission aimed at helping a colony of feral cats. Sadly, the majority of feral kittens do not survive past six months due to the harsh conditions they face. Despite her tough exterior, Greta was fortunate to have been caught in the trap and given a chance to thrive.

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At one of the colonies where we provide food, we came across a young feline and set up a trap for her. Fortunately, she is now under the care of a foster family and is gradually building her confidence in humans. We’d like you to meet Gretta – the latest addition to our rescue mission. The adorable images of Gretta can be found on our Facebook page at Sister Kitten Animal Rescue. You’ll notice that she’s the coolest kitten around, as evidenced by our logo below.

Sister Kitten rescue in Maggie Valley, North Carolina via Facebook

The story is about a rescue mission of a kitten named Greta in Maggie Valley, North Carolina. The rescuers brought her to the vet for a check-up and labeled her crate as “tiny and bitey.” Greta had either an injured toe or a birth defect, which required medical attention. Despite her small size, she had a feisty personality, earning her the nickname “spicy little sister.”

Tiny and Bitey label on Greta's crate

During the veterinary check-up, it was discovered that one of the scrappy sisters had a unique paw that resembled “devil horns.” The veterinarians immediately recognized it as the universal hand gesture for metal-lovers, the “sign of the horns.” Fortunately, this uncommon feature did not cause any discomfort and the kitten would recover just fine. According to an X-ray scan, the kitten named Greta was born with a permanent set of “devil horns” on her left paw, which made her the most metal-loving kitten they had ever rescued. Despite missing two inside fingers, Greta was undeniably the epitome of a Sister Kitten.

Greta's unique paw on the left with symbol for metal lovers on the right

Greta’s left paw boasts a unique symbol for metal music enthusiasts. From a wild and untamed feline, Greta transformed into a cuddly ball of love in just under a month. Despite her tough exterior, all she longed for was affection and care. Thanks to a foster family, Greta’s rough edges eventually faded away.

Greta the formerly feral kitten on a pink bed

Afterwards, she was all set to embark on a search for a forever home with someone who would eagerly become the biggest fan of Sister Kitten ever, and stay by her side forever.

Greta the former feral kitten in her new home, North Carolina, Maggie Valley, Sister Kitten Animal Rescue, 2

Greta’s Unwavering Attitude Despite her tough exterior, Greta quickly found a community where she could be herself without any reservations. However, her untamed and daring personality still shines through.

Greta the metal kitten on shoulder of her new mama

Greta’s transformation has been remarkable! She was once feral and untamed, but after being captured she has become a loving and affectionate lovebug in only a month’s time. Yesterday, we were thrilled to send Greta off with her perfect forever family who are also previous adopters from our organization. Although we will definitely miss her, we’re overjoyed that she’s found a fantastic home where she’ll be able to thrive.

Greta the former feral kitten in her new home, North Carolina, Maggie Valley, Sister Kitten Animal Rescue, 3

Even though Greta is no longer here, there are still plenty of small and feisty furry creatures in need of affection around the Maggie Valley region.

Greta the former feral kitten in her new home, North Carolina, Maggie Valley, Sister Kitten Animal Rescue

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