“The Tale of a Stray Cat’s Happy Homecoming: Human Kindness Prevails”

A feline, who had spent her entire life outdoors, is now living the life of her dreams with her kitten. Remille, the cat, and Hardy, the kitten, were rescued by a family who owned a remote farm near Montreal, Canada. The family noticed an increasing number of abandoned cats on their property and took them in, trying their best to care for them all. However, they soon found themselves overwhelmed and asked for help. Julie, an animal rescuer, stepped in and rescued all the cats and kittens with the help of humane traps. Several of the cats were pregnant, including Remille, who was covered in mats and had a cloudy eye. After receiving medical attention, all the cats were taken into foster care. Remille, who weighed only 1.3 kg and was just skin and bones, had an ulcer on her cornea and tested positive for FIV. However, after receiving care and attention, she almost doubled her weight within a few days and became very affectionate. Her personality came out in full swing, and she purred up a storm. Finally, Remille got the indoor life she had always dreamed of with her kitten, Hardy.

cat with blind eye

Celine shared that Remille, a tabby cat who was rescued and placed in foster care, has gained strength and has a good appetite. Her foster mom has given her all the attention she needs, and Remille now enjoys life and has fun. One evening, Remille gave birth to four kittens, but unfortunately, only one survived. The surviving kitten, named Hardy, has been nursing and bottle-fed by his foster family. Remille is only 10 months old herself, so she’s glad to have people help raise her kitten. She teaches Hardy how to play while keeping him clean. Remille is now indoors and playful, often following her kitten and playing with feather toys. She likes to cuddle with her humans and makes cooing and chirping sounds. Hardy is curious and active, learning how to groom himself and how to play by imitating his mom. Remille is finally happy to be safe, loved, and spoiled after months of trying to survive outdoors.

cat tabby kitten

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