“Furry Feline Finds Forever Home: Lucky Cat Adopted by Caring Foster Parent After Successful Surgery”

While not everyone may be a firm believer in love at first sight, it seems to be the only possible explanation for the immediate bond that formed between this feline and the woman who saved him.

Sara Rivers, a counselor who works at the Animal Care Control Team of Philadelphia (ACCT Philly), which is the largest shelter service organization for animals in the Philadelphia region, had an interesting experience a few months back. While she was working as usual, her boss informed her that there was a 6-month-old cat in surgery who required immediate promotion and rescue from other organizations to take care of it. When she went to see the cat, whom they would later name Nubbies, she instantly knew she wanted to foster him.

Upon Nubbies’ arrival at the shelter, it was evident that he was in a dire state. Rivers, who has witnessed numerous animals in poor conditions, was shocked by the sight of Nubbies. He had lost both paws on his two right legs, which was an unprecedented situation for Rivers.

The veterinary team at the shelter suspected that Nubbies had sustained injuries and was struggling to recover on his own, though the exact cause of his condition remains unknown. Despite being given pain medication and antibiotics, Nubbies still faced a long road to recovery. This is when Rivers stepped in, not only as Nubbies’ foster parent but also as his biggest supporter. While Nubbies’ condition would have been challenging for any animal, his lively and attention-seeking nature made it even more difficult for him. As Rivers noted, it was tough for the cat to stay still while healing, as he loved to crawl and throw himself onto people’s laps.

However, even when Nubbies is upset, he remains strong and capable of showing affection. Rivers finds it adorable how they spend time with him after his medical baths, which they refer to as “dips.” They have to wash his nubbies in a small bowl and air dry him before placing him back in his box, which takes around 5-10 minutes. Despite being wet or in the dip, Nubbies still purrs like a machine, showcasing his resilience.

Although Nubbies is limited in his abilities due to his injuries and cast, he finds pleasure in eating, as per Rivers. Additionally, Nubbies appreciates being showered with affectionate hugs and snuggles. Despite his setbacks, Rivers has developed a strong affection towards Nubbies. Jokingly, she admitted that she had promised herself not to foster another feline, but given Nubbies’ wonderful qualities, she might have to reconsider her vow.

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