“Rescuing a Frozen and Helpless Kitten on the Highway: A Race Against Time”

While driving on the road, the driver suddenly hit the brakes and came to a halt in the middle of the street. A tiny kitten was the culprit behind this sudden stop and it froze in fear, not moving an inch. This scenario can happen to anyone, but not everyone would have reacted as the driver did. The kind-hearted individual parked his car on the side of the road and got out to rescue the scared little kitten from the highway. It’s possible that the driver mistook the kitten for an ordinary cat and never anticipated such an unexpected situation.


Later that night, Jamie Veronica from Big Cat Rescue received a call in her room. The caller was from the veterinary hospital and informed her about a man who had taken a kitten there. They asked if she could pick up a red lynx baby.


Veronica and her colleagues rushed to the location where they found a kitten nestled inside a cardboard box. Although reluctant to leave its snug spot, they managed to put on their thickest work gloves and carefully place the feline inside their cage. The kitten was not pleased with being picked up and exhibited its displeasure by hissing, growling, and biting at the gloves. Veronica recounts the experience as a challenging one due to the kitten’s feisty behavior.


The rescue team was pleased to see the red lynx exhibit aggressive behavior, as it is important for a wild animal to maintain its natural instincts and not become too comfortable around humans. The team did not want the lynx to become friendly towards people, as it was meant to remain a wild animal. It is unclear whether the lynx was lost or separated from its mother at an early age, but it is evident that it was acting according to its natural instincts.


Following the rescue, the juvenile lynx was taken care of at Big Cat Rescue for a duration of four months. It is important to note that for these wild cats to survive on their own, they need to reach a specific size where they can hunt and find food for themselves.

A striped kitten was sitting on the road.  They picked him up and warmed him up, only ... why does the baby have such a strange look?

The child enjoyed spending long hours playing with his beloved plush squirrel toy. However, once he grew tired of this pastime, he sought out a more engaging and productive activity, which involved tearing apart cardboard boxes.🙂


Just recently, on January 8th, the little one was finally set free into its natural habitat!

A striped kitten was sitting on the road.  They picked him up and warmed him up, only ... why does the baby have such a strange look?  pic 2

Wow, what an incredible tale!

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