“A Fierce Feline’s Unlikely Dependence on Human Assistance for Recovery”

Most of the stories about the inhabitants of “Murkosha” are typical. For instance, Nonius is one of the many representatives of “country cats” that people start in the summer for fun, while they live outside the city, enjoying nature and warm days. Unfortunately, not every such cat is taken by summer residents with them to the city. Nonius, for example, was abandoned. It is very difficult to survive in the summer cottages.

There are hardly any individuals present to feed the animals, and there are almost no shops or cafes where they can leave some leftovers for a hungry cat. Despite this, Nonius somehow adapted to this wildlife. He didn’t hold a grudge against people. However, an unfortunate incident occurred – Nonius badly injured his paw and had to seek help from people.

As a result, he found himself in a Turkish adoption center after undergoing surgery on his paw and enduring a lengthy recovery. Little did he know, his future owners had already marked him among the hundreds of “Murkosha” seals at the time – truly nerve-wracking.

Upon first glance, Plato appeared to be a large and fully-grown dog with funny, curly ears and very serious green eyes. When the family came to meet him, they knew immediately that they would bring him home with them – despite his three paws, bitten ears, and experience as a street warrior. They gave him a new name, Plato, to signify his worldly wisdom.

A year later, the family decided to adopt another cat from the shelter named Alyosha, who is now known as Pelmen. Instead of a typical happy ending, the mother of the cat family expressed her desire to sit down with Pelmen and hear about his experiences living on the street for many years and the battles he participated in despite his crippled paw. She gently rubs his hands and face, and it’s clear that their love is mutual.

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