“Troublemaking Adolescents Cruelly Torture a Cat by Fastening it to a Board and Discarding it on the Highway”

Good World Animal Rescue and Protection (GWARP), based in New York, is currently involved in rescuing cats in Azerbaijan. During their work, they came across the case of Katherine, a stray cat that had recently suffered barbaric abuse at the hands of a group of teenagers. This shocking incident was reported by Pet Rescue Report. One winter day, Katherine crossed paths with a group of young people who were determined to harm her. These heartless individuals attacked her for no reason other than their own sick pleasure, and their actions were incredibly cruel.

The violence inflicted on the poor cat was severe, as the criminals started by kicking her relentlessly, then proceeded to break her fangs and hold her down with rat glue on a wooden plank before dumping her on a busy highway. Luckily, a passerby saw the criminals laughing at the scene and rushed to help Katherine, taking her to the veterinarian emergency room where she received critical care for head trauma, a bleeding mouth, missing teeth, and poisoning from ingesting glue. Despite her pain, Katherine fought to live and spent a month in the animal hospital, receiving intravenous treatment to regain her strength and coordination. Eventually, she was up for adoption and caught the eye of an American named Melissa Tanksley, who carefully followed every step of Katherine’s healing process and ultimately adopted her. Now living in Melissa’s warm and happy home, Katherine has found a new best feline friend and is thriving.

After her story gained traction among Internet users, Melisa decided to create a Facebook page devoted entirely to her. On this page, she frequently shares updates and news. The loving tabby cat appears to be relishing every moment of her newfound fame.

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