The Story of a Cat’s Trauma and Resilience: Overcoming Torture and Fire on New Year’s Eve 2022

Instances of animal cruelty have witnessed a surge in the past few years, leaving many pet owners distraught and disheartened. An elderly couple was left shattered when they discovered their beloved alley cat had been subjected to cowardly torture. The incident caused a rift between them, and they struggled to come to terms with the trauma inflicted on their furry friend. However, after a long and arduous six-month wait, the tomcat finally made a triumphant return, bringing much-needed joy and relief to its owners.


Simone and her spouse are residents of Vezezoux in the Haute-Loire region and share their home with their three-year-old kitty, named Écureuil, who brings them immense happiness. The feline is absolutely charming and adored by septuagenarians. However, on the night of December 31st, 2021, Squirrel returned from his stroll with burns all over his body. Simone was very concerned as the normally grey cat was now brown and reeked of burnt flesh. She recounts the incident in an agitated tone.

Immediate Medical Attention According to the veterinarian, it is apparent that the unfortunate victim was intentionally burned with a flammable substance. The squirrel displayed lesions both on its back and head, bare skin in some places, missing whiskers, and raw wounds on its ears, with the left ear’s cartilage cut at the edge. Simone stated, “The poor cat was genuinely tortured,” and the vet concurred. It is imperative for the animal to receive immediate medical attention.

For many months, Squirrel was under the care of his owner who watched over him tirelessly day and night. Due to his disfigurement, he lost his appetite and his owner would worry every night that he might not wake up the next day. However, Simone’s determination and persistence paid off as Squirrel is now fully recovered. The couple has reported the act of cruelty to the authorities and 30 Million Friends Foundation has taken legal action.

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