“From Stray to Home: The Heartwarming Search of a Cat for their Forever Family”

It seems that Horchata had a gut feeling that he could get the assistance he required by approaching a certain house. This stray cat’s instincts proved to be accurate as he received the help he needed.


A white cat made an unexpected appearance in front of a house in Highland Park, California. The friendly feline then landed on the terrace but had multiple injuries. A pet sitter named Carla Robinson was caring for the owners’ pet when the cat reappeared a few days later, looking worse for wear. Robinson and another volunteer named Claudia sprang into action to assist the injured cat.

The pet-sitter had no difficulty in lifting him up and placing him inside a crate, as if the feline was indicating that he’s ready to bid adieu to the streets forever. Horchata, a Siamese cross, required a foster family and was fortunate enough to find one through Boomer’s Buddies Rescue, which was Catherine’s.

Horchata made a great impression with the latter. In just 60 minutes after arriving, he snuggled up against his foster mother’s chest and grew more affectionate with each passing day.

A veterinarian examined a cat and diagnosed him with FIV, also known as cat AIDS. The wounds were treated and he received medication for external and internal parasites. As the cat’s health improved, he became even more attached to Catherine. Over time, their bond has grown stronger and the cat craves attention, enjoying being held like a baby and getting lots of affection from his caring owner.

After a few months under the care and love of Boomer’s Buddies Rescue, an exciting update was shared on their Facebook page. Catherine made the wonderful decision to officially adopt Horchata and make him a permanent member of her family. This means that Horchata’s temporary family has now become his forever home.

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