Thirsty Young Elephant Encounters a Crocodile Surprise at Watering Hole!

Little elephant thirsty unexpectedly encounters a crocodile at the waterhole!

Once upon a time, there was a little elephant who was very thirsty. He had been walking through the jungle for a long time and was desperate for a drink of water. Finally, he saw a waterhole in the distance and ran towards it as fast as he could.

The Young Elephant Doesn'T Appear To See The Waiting Crocodile As He Ambles Over To The Watering Hole

As he reached the waterhole, he was delighted to see the clear, cool water, but he was not alone. There was a big crocodile in the waterhole, waiting for its prey. The little elephant was scared but the crocodile said, “Don’t be afraid, little one. I won’t harm you. I am just waiting for my lunch to arrive.”

The little elephant was surprised and asked the crocodile, “Why are you waiting here? There are so many other animals in the jungle, why don’t you hunt them?”

Snap! The Crocodile Grabs Hold Of The Elephant'S Trunk, But It Soon Becomes Clear That He Has Bitten Off A Lot More Than He Can Chew

The crocodile replied, “You see, my dear little elephant, I have a bad reputation in the jungle. No other animal comes near me, so I have to wait for my prey to come to me. But don’t worry, you can drink the water first, and then you can go on your way.”

The little elephant was thirsty and he didn’t want to waste any more time. So, he took a deep breath and walked into the waterhole. The crocodile watched him carefully, but he didn’t make any move to attack.

The little elephant drank his fill of water and then turned to leave. As he was walking away, the crocodile said, “Thank you for trusting me, little one. Maybe we can be friends one day.”

The little elephant smiled and said, “Maybe we can, but I hope you won’t be hungry when we meet again.”

The Startled Young Elephant Soon Makes Light Work Of Escaping From The Hungry Crocodile'S Jaws

From that day on, the little elephant and the crocodile had a new understanding of each other. They were still cautious around each other, but they were no longer afraid. And whenever the little elephant passed by the waterhole, he would stop and say hello to his friend, the crocodile.

Once in a while, the little elephant would bring along some fruits to share with the crocodile, and the crocodile would share some fish with the little elephant. They became good friends and learned to respect each other’s space.

One day, a group of young elephants passed by the waterhole. They were making a lot of noise and splashing around in the water. The crocodile became agitated and started to move towards them, but the little elephant stepped in front of him and said, “Stop! These are my friends. They mean no harm.”

In A Scene Reminiscent Of The Rudyard Kipling Story How The Elephant Got His Trunk, The Startled Mammal Gives The Sneaky Crocodile A Fright

The crocodile listened to the little elephant and backed off. The young elephants were surprised to see the little elephant so close to the crocodile, but they soon realized that they had nothing to fear. They too learned a valuable lesson about respecting all creatures, big and small.

Years went by, and the little elephant grew up to be a big elephant. He had many adventures in the jungle, but he never forgot his friend, the crocodile. Whenever he passed by the waterhole, he would stop and say hello to the crocodile, who was always happy to see him.

The little elephant learned that even the fiercest creatures can become good friends if you give them a chance. And he hoped that others would follow his example and learn to live in harmony with all the creatures of the jungle.

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