“Rescuing a Feline Friend: How I Freed a Kitten Trapped in Plastic Six-Pack Rings”

In Florida, ACPS is requesting people to avoid littering to save the lives of innocent animals. Recently, a small kitten was found in a terrible state as it got entangled in a six-pack plastic ring. The incident was reported to the authorities, and soon Animal Code Enforcement Officers came to rescue the distressed animal. This is a reminder for all of us to be responsible and mindful of our actions to protect the environment and wildlife.


It’s quite surprising how he ended up with a six-pack ring stuck in his back and front arm. The incident caused some severe injuries, but the good news is that veterinarians confirmed that he will recuperate soon. The poor fellow seems to have lost some weight, which could be due to his limited mobility caused by the plastic bag he’s been carrying around.


According to the vets, it’s possible that the kitten got the ring stuck around him when he was tinier. However, as he grew, the ring got entwined with his skin and muscle tissue. Luckily, the feline is on track for a complete recuperation!

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