“Unbelievable Surprise: A Tampa Woman Reunites with Picasso at a Local Cat Rescue After 502 Days Apart”

After spending 502 days in foster care, formerly feral cat Picasso, previously known as Pig Pen, was finally adopted by a loving family from Chalky’s Cat Crusade in Tampa, Florida. As a special needs cat, it can be challenging to find the right home for Picasso, who didn’t have any prior experience living indoors. Despite the difficulties, the rescue team remained steadfast in their efforts to find him a forever home. Their perseverance paid off when the stars aligned, and Picasso found his perfect match. Chalky’s shared their joy at the news, stating that they were thrilled that Picasso had finally found his forever home after such a long wait.

Picasso, formerly PIg Pen

Following his involvement in the TNR or TNVR program, Pig Pen was released back into his natural habitat. Despite the opportunity to become an indoor cat, he demonstrated no desire to do so, instead opting to observe from a secure distance.

Picasso the cat with one ear, Chalky's Cat Crusade, Tampa, Florida

Lori, who took care of the colony of cats, made sure that they were well-fed and looked after. However, despite her efforts, she was never able to get close to Pig Pen for two years. One day, she spotted something amiss with his ear and upon closer inspection, it was discovered that he had cancer (squamous cell carcinoma) on his ear. This is a common occurrence in light-skinned outdoor cats. Additionally, Pig Pen had tested positive for FIV and required multiple dental extractions and removal of an oral tumor, which proved to be quite expensive.

Cat has surgery to remove cancer on his ear, Tampa

After losing his ear, this feline was renamed after a renowned artist, but with a unique twist that differentiates him from Van Gogh. Nonetheless, he is still a masterpiece in his own right. Following his surgery, Picasso was placed in foster care with Colleen, who took on the task of socializing the fearful cat. Despite the challenges, Colleen managed to turn him from a “terrified street cat” into a loving pet that craves attention and belly rubs. The rescuers credited Colleen’s dedication and perseverance for Picasso’s transformation. They never give up on cats with difficult personalities or medical needs. As a result, Picasso shed his feral nature and became the sweetest cat you could ever imagine. After receiving the necessary care, Picasso appeared happy and healthy.

Picasso the cat in Chalky's Cat Crusade, Tampa

Despite his remarkable qualities, Picasso remained unnoticed and unappreciated, waiting for someone to recognize his true worth. The rescue team pointed out that he wasn’t a typical adorable kitten that people usually fawn over. It seemed like the world was indifferent to his remarkable attributes. However, everything changed when Laura came into the picture. She saw him for what he truly was – a masterpiece in every sense of the word.

Laura smiling with Picasso in a carrier

As the picture shows, Laura is beaming with joy while holding Picasso in a carrier. The caption accompanying the image reads, “We wish you a happy life, dear old boy. You are adored by many! Thank you, Laura, for loving our furry friend just as much as we do!”

Laura with her new furbaby Picasso

Laura has adopted a new furry friend named Picasso. The Tampa woman expressed how happy Picasso is in his new home and thanked everyone who played a role in making this happen. She shared her excitement about observing him come out of his shell and explore his surroundings. Even Lori, Picasso’s former caretaker, was thrilled to hear the news and expressed her joy for Picasso, whom she cared for as a colony cat but could never get close to. She believes he will have a wonderful and happy life with his new family.

Cat in hammock inside kennel, Chalky's Cat Crusade, Tampa, Florida

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