Veterinarians are mesmerized when the pregnant little pup pleases them by giving birth to multiple puppies

The veterinarians at the Kentucky Humane Society were informed of a female dog that was trapped in an overcrowded shelter in Kentucky. They immediately went to provide assistance.

Upon examination, it was determined that the dog was pregnant and required a C-section surgery to safely give birth. Dr. Emily Bewley reported that the terrier, named Momma Malone, was brought to their shelter just in time to ensure the safety of her and her pups during delivery. Dr. Bewley then took the dog into her home to give birth in a peaceful environment.

However, the dog had to be returned to the shelter to give birth because she required a C-section surgery. During the 20-minute procedure, the veterinarians were surprised to discover that the small dog, Momma Malone, had given birth to 9 puppies, which is unusual as dogs of her size typically give birth to only 2-5 pups.

There were some initial concerns about the mother dog connecting with her newborn pups, but once she woke up, she immediately took on her maternal role without any issues.

The entire litter, along with their mother, will remain under the care of the Kentucky Humane Society until they are deemed ready to be placed in permanent homes. This is wonderful news!

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