Affectionate Cat Keeps a Watchful Eye on His Human Infant Sister

Many people insist that cats are less likable compared to dogs and they don’t love or trust humans, but it’s actually not true. Even though these furry creatures are often said to be cold andaoof, they can be impressively affectionate and tender once they really want to.

Meet Watson, a gray and white tabby cat who loved his humans sincerely and wholeheartedly. Watson was seven years old when his parents welcomed a new member into their family. A little girl named Elliotte, and their bond bloomed beautifully right at their first meeting. From that moment on, the playful cat had transformed into an incredibly great big brother who took good care of his younger sister.

Screenshot, Mark Haak


We are too familiar with friendly and loving dogs who are faithful companions of human babies. Did you know that cats can be amazing babysitters too? Watson was truly sweet and gentle when it came to babysitting his little human sister. Looking at the way he rubbed his head against her body and kneaded (made biscuits) by her side. It’s safe to say he really felt content and comfortable there.


He even stood up on his hind legs to make air biscuits in front of their parents, which meant that kitty was extremely happy at that moment!


He was very careful around the baby too. Sometimes Watson wanted to touch Elliotte with his paw. However he stopped for fear that his claws would hurt the girl. He was definitely one of the most thoughtful cats out there.


Of course, Elliotte enjoyed warm cuddle sessions with her four-legged buddy as well. They simply adored each other, and it was great to be born with such a demonstrative friend by your side.


Just take a look at these adorable youngsters in the video below!

This is a heartwarming reminder of the special bond that can develop between pets and children.

Cats, like many other pets, have the ability to form close bonds with their human family members. In the case of the cat in this story, it’s likely that he recognized the baby as a vulnerable member of the family who needed protection and care.

Studies have shown that pets can have a positive impact on children’s emoti

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