Snuggled in Mom’s Embrace: Rescued Kittens Find Bliss

A group of five adorable kittens were recently rescued and brought to the Animal Welfare League of Arlington (AWLA), an animal shelter in Virginia, that provides aid for animals in need. The cute little felines were given a warm welcome and received all the necessary attention required for their well-being. Upon arrival, the kittens were found to be in a poor state of health, with swollen eyes, stuffed noses and appeared to be skin and bones. However, they found a new home with Penny Richards, a volunteer foster mother from AWLA’s Kitten College program.

The litter of five kittens were all shades of gray, and their names – Weston, Walker, Margaret, Dorothea, and Ansel – were inspired by famous black and white photographers. Unfortunately, Maggie, the smallest kitten with gray and white fur, couldn’t feed properly because of congestion and dehydration. Penny shared that she had to give the kitten liquids three times a day and feed it through a syringe during the first few days.

All of them were experiencing some kind of respiratory illness, also known as URI. Penny provided them with a variety of remedies, including essential medication and nebulizer treatments to facilitate their breathing process. As a result, they began to feel better quickly, which was evident in their actions around the host’s house. Maggie, on the other hand, took longer to recover than the others because she was the smallest and weakest of the litter. Once their eye and nose issues had vanished, these kittens demanded twice as much food and attention as before.

Penny shared that Ansel always snuggled with her every time she ate, sitting on her lap before playing. Maggie, despite being the smallest, had a strong personality and was the most talkative during meals. Penny added that once Maggie finished eating, she would march over and jump onto your lap, purring while washing her paws and face.

Penny shared her observations about Weston and Thea’s personalities. According to her, Weston is a soft and cuddly teddy bear who loves to snuggle on your lap and purr loudly whenever touched. On the other hand, Thea is more daring and adventurous than her siblings, and she enjoys climbing on your shoulder and planning her escape from the room. However, she also loves being scooped up and cuddled on your lap.

The bond between Thea and Ansel was unbreakable as they often did things together and playfully chased each other around. Walker, on the other hand, was the quirky one who was weaned two weeks later than his siblings and still prefers wet food. As for Weston, he had a habit of rubbing his face on people and enjoyed doing so.

Penny had been taking care of these cute kittens for 11 weeks and now they were finally ready to find a new home with a loving family. What’s interesting is that even though they had grown bigger, they still loved to snuggle up on Penny’s lap. As she put it, “They weren’t exactly the perfect size, so they would often stack up on top of each other.”

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