A Curious Onlooker Spots an Unfamiliar Object near Industrial Area

As the worker navigated through a warehouse filled with scrap metal and industrial waste bins, they were surprised to spot a small, fluffy creature that seemed out of place in such a setting. Luckily, the worker noticed the wide-eyed little thing and took notice of its presence. We give credit to RSPCA VICTORIA for this heartwarming moment.


It’s not uncommon to do a double take when you spot the head of a scruffy gray kitten sticking out of a trash bin. Some people even commented on Facebook that it looked like a sticker! But upon closer inspection, it was clear that there was a real, albeit small, cat in need of help. The poor thing had somehow managed to get itself stuck in the tight confines of the bin and required rescue.


Saving this unique and furry creature proved to be quite a difficult task.


As per a recent post by RSPCA Victoria on Facebook, they sought the help of multiple agencies when they came across a kitten with its head stuck in a pipe. Inspector Maree was dispatched by RSPCA Victoria to rescue the kitten, but despite several attempts, they were unable to free the cat using lubrication. Consequently, additional assistance was required and the fire department came to the rescue. The Country Fire Authority’s firefighters brought along an angle grinder, which proved invaluable in cutting away the pipe after an hour of careful maneuvers.


Piper, the tiny cat, was taken aback yet grateful after being rescued. As per reports from the RSPCA, the feline was trembling and feeble, seemingly regretful of her past escapades, but also cognizant of the fact that she was now receiving proper care.


Piper was given a much-needed bath and then wrapped in warm towels. According to the RSPCA, Piper is a small but brave kitten who also happens to be very loving and caring. After receiving treatment and some tender loving care at our clinic, she is now ready to embark on safer adventures in a foster home while she gains weight under veterinary supervision.


Meet Piper, a charming kitten who is currently up for adoption through RSPCA Victoria. She is just one of many cats seeking a forever home during the ongoing kitten season, which has led to an overabundance of felines worldwide. According to RSPCA Victoria’s statement to The Dodo, the hot and dry summer has extended the kitten season, resulting in a significant cat problem. In response, the organization has decided to waive adoption fees for cats over five months old, making it easier for people to adopt these homeless felids. Their “No Fees for Felines” campaign has been successful so far, and they intend to continue giving more individuals the opportunity to welcome a cat into their family. Introducing the most adorable duo – Paul Robertson and his beloved cat Percy who share an unbreakable bond. Paul works as a truck driver and while he loves being on the road, it can get quite lonely during the long trips. Therefore, a few years ago, he decided to adopt a cat named Howie to keep him company on his travels. Unfortunately, Howie passed away in 2017, leaving a huge void in Paul’s heart.

After some time had passed, he realized that it was time for him to find his next animal companion. He decided to choose a shelter because he wanted to give a stray cat a good home. That’s where he stumbled upon Percy, a ginger stray cat originally found abandoned on the streets.

Percy has faced numerous challenges in his life, including an injury above his right eye and missing some of his canine teeth. But Paul recognized the potential for Percy to be the ideal companion and made the choice to adopt him.

Percy has seamlessly become a part of Paul’s life and has transformed into a wonderful companion for their long-distance journeys. This loving cat enjoys riding in the truck and observing the passing landscape. The pair now does everything together, working as a team and living like a family.

Paul and Percy have been together in a loving relationship for over three years, and they have brought immense joy and happiness into each other’s lives.

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