“New Home, New Feline Friend: The Unexpected Discovery of a Stray Kitty”

Stephen Austin, a Detroit resident, has moved into his new house this week and has been hearing constant meows outside at night. As an animal lover who has two cats of his own, he tried to find where the cries came from. It wasn’t until yesterday afternoon that he and his friend were able to spot the little one responsible for the meows. A tiny tabby poked her head out of a bush in front of the property when she saw Stephen and his friend. She mustered up her courage and walked out towards them.


“When we walked up to her, she appeared to be quite stressed and anxious,” recounted Stephen to Love Meow.


The little kitten was alone, seeking attention while also feeling scared. Suddenly, a gentle person scooped her up and placed her on their shoulder for a cuddle. As she was being held, the tiny shy kitty started to relax and even let out the smallest purrs as if she knew she was in safe hands.


After checking around the neighborhood, they discovered that the kitten was most likely born to a stray cat and somehow got left behind. Since Stephen is still in the process of unpacking and settling into his new abode, his friend offered to foster the kitten until they are ready to officially welcome her home.


She took herself to the vet, got her eyes dropped and treated her for fleas. “My friend fed her as soon as she got home from the vet. She was hungry.” The tabby girl dove right into a bowl of food and wanted to go to town. After getting a full belly, she nestled in her human’s lap for some much-needed TLC. She was purring with her adorable little purrs while getting chin scratches.


After a long day, she needed to relax, feeling full of emotions like safety and love. In Cincinnati, Stephanie had an encounter with an ancient cat who also strayed into her way into her life. “I want to through this 15 years ago with one of my other cats,” she said. “I, for one, welcome my new kitten overlord.”


The couple was excited about their new home, which they expected to come with a little kitten. They were glad she would be their family member. The adorable tabby was making up for lost meals and love by eating and cuddling up during storms and purring nonstop in pure bliss.


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