“Rescuing a Furry Friend: A Heartwarming Tale of Triumph over Adversity”

Despite being advised to give up on a rescue kitty with a severely broken jaw, a determined young woman refused to let go. And thus, Smeagol the miracle cat was born.

While driving on the highway, I spotted a small kitten crouched near the edge of the road with its back facing the traffic. Despite a motorcycle whizzing by it, the kitten didn’t move, and I suspected that it was unwell. Worriedly, I took the next turn to circle around to where the kitten was, hoping it wouldn’t get hit by a car. As soon as I approached it, I noticed that it was covered in grime and cold debris, including its face and body. Even after I parked my car beside it, the kitten remained still. Without any resistance, I picked up the kitten and sat it on the passenger seat. During the drive to the veterinarian, the kitten made an odd noise while I stroked its clean side. It was only later that we discovered that the kitten had been trying to purr. As it turned out, the kitten’s jaw had been broken for a few days, making it impossible for it to eat anything. Additionally, it weighed less than a pound, so the vet wasn’t sure if they could wire its jaw to fix the issue. The vet thought it best to put the kitten to sleep, stating that there were no tools or equipment available to repair its jaw. However, the thought of the kitten purring during our drive convinced me to ask the vet what would happen if we didn’t wire its jaw and allowed it to grow a bit more before doing anything. But how would it eat if its jaw was broken, wondered the vet. I had a can of cat food in my purse, so we offered it to the kitten to see if it would eat it. To everyone’s amazement, the kitten gobbled up the food, sticking its whole head into the gravy.

Well, the decision was made – he would be sent home with antibiotics and advised to monitor his condition. Upon arriving home that day, his eyes suddenly became bright and large, resembling the famous character, Gollum, from Lord of the Rings. From that moment on, I affectionately named him Smeagol.

Each passing day, his breath improved slightly, and he consumed his diluted feline food. Sadly, he encountered a minor setback when he experienced a week-long bout of digestive issues, causing him to lose the six ounces he had previously gained. However, he persevered through this ordeal and underwent a six-week course of antibiotics to treat his jaw.

According to the veterinarian, the ideal outcome would be for the gum tissue to create a granuloma that would enclose the exposed bone within the cat’s mouth. We observed a small pink mass of tissue forming a few weeks later, which eventually covered the bone. As a result, the cat was able to consume less watery cat food and eventually transition to dry food.

After recovering from his jaw injury, the little kitten’s bite isn’t quite straight anymore and he’s got a snaggletooth. However, this hasn’t slowed him down one bit when it comes to eating dry food. He recently celebrated his first year since being rescued with a cake made of cat food. Despite his crooked jaw, he still thoroughly enjoys his meals and purrs contentedly while eating.

Smeagol and his BFF!

Having been given another opportunity, he is now content and satisfied.

Adored and cherished!

Discover the transformative power of a second chance through this heartwarming tale. Spread the word and be touched by its beauty!

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