“The Heartwarming Tale of a Three-Legged Cat: Rescued and Adopted After Losing Limb for Stealing Meat”

Kerry Denman and her partner decided to adopt another cat in early 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic while they were both at home. They were concerned about how their blind cat Louie would react to another feline since he had never known other cats, as his mother and litter mates had rejected him when he was a kitten. Kerry initially searched for a cat at rescues near her London residence, but was not considered a good candidate because her home lacked a yard, which is still a common requirement in the UK. She then looked at rescues outside of the UK and found Safe Haven Egypt (SHE), an organization that helps Egyptian felines in need. She learned about Kamel, an adorable grey and white cat who had been subjected to horrific cruelty and was still searching for a forever home. Kamel had been a stray cat in Cairo and had his right leg cut off by a butcher for attempting to steal meat. A good Samaritan contacted SHE, who found and rushed him into life-saving surgery. After the surgery, Kamel spent the next eight months at the rescue, waiting for a forever home until Kerry and her partner saw his face, read his story, and knew he was the one they had been searching for. They adopted him, and he made the long journey from Egypt to England in October 2020.

Kamel is a very affectionate rescue cat who seems to bear no ill will towards people despite the senseless cruelty he had experienced while living on the streets of Cairo. He is also much more agile than anyone had anticipated, despite having three legs. The couple replaced the safety gate with a full mesh screen, which allowed Louie and Kamel to get to know one another without being in direct physical contact. Nearly a year later, Kamel is doing very well, and this handsome three-legged boy definitely feels comfortable in his forever home. He enjoys bird watching, playing with foil balls, trying to catch the red dot, and occasionally chasing after Louie. Kamel sleeps with Kerry and her partner every night and is incredibly affectionate.

Kamel’s most significant medical issues aren’t related to the severe trauma he suffered to his front legs, but instead are a product of the diseases and infections he was exposed to while living on the streets of Cairo. Despite this, Kerry and her partner are committed to giving Kamel the care he needs to have a happy and healthy life. They encourage other people to consider opening their homes to special needs cats, as blind and three-legged cats are easier to care for than people often assume. They are incredibly resilient and inspiring, especially cats like Kamel who have survived the unthinkable. Kerry says that Kamel has blessed her with the knowledge that things can continue and be okay after real suffering, and that with time, healing, and love, things must go on. He is light.

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